Private Tutoring: Deal Breaker or Grade Shaker?

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Wyzfox employs top class university students.

Over decades the prospect of private tutoring has significantly grown, the proportion of tutored pupils has risen by more than a third over the past decade, from 18% in 2005 to 25% now. This rise in private tutoring demands highlights the effectiveness of how private tutoring sessions have encountered a growth due to its success rate.

As parents, our children’s grades are something that holds a great importance to us, it moulds their future, and secures the foundations for the further stages in life, so putting in that extra effort for private tutoring sessions can help us experience not only the short term benefits of getting good grades with a strong understanding of the subjects but the long term benefits of maintaining that understanding and using the core skills learnt, to apply that to future career paths.

The typical conventions of the average classroom involve around 30 students all with different learning outlooks and abilities, that can be hard to combat,  especially due to the facilities that some schools may fail to provide. According to official estimates, by 2022, the pupil population in England will exceed 8m for the first time since the early 80s.  Private tutoring sessions break the boundaries of overcrowded classrooms that are tackled with only one member of staff, it refines the focus to one student so that they can get as much possible guidance and support at more of an effective one to one basis.

In addition to that, as a society, our technological influences have vastly grown, from the manufacturing in the textiles industry to the rapidly growing influences of social media outlets. Granted things are definitely not how they used to be, where you had to collect your news through newspapers as now, the doors to the wider news are only just a click away, we need to grow with these changes and tailor our fundamentals of private tutoring sessions to the wider web.

To help with these issues the new and innovative site WYZFOX merges together the crucial aspects of private tutoring onto a web platform that transforms the mediocre online tutoring to a new level.

Private tutoring

Audio-visual whiteboard by wyzfox

A crucial feature that wyzfox provides is audio visual chat element. The audio visual chat offers an interactive whiteboard and a visual chat feature, this helps to further heighten the one to one tutoring feel with its fast working video connections and efficient sound and microphone enabling features that WYZFOX provides to aid both ends of the tutor and the tutee. With the audio-visual chat feature, it enhances the learning outcomes as the student can visualise what the tutor is articulating, and also is just a convenient feature for the cooperating purposes of the tutor and the student.

WYZFOX offers a foolproof site layout that can be easy to navigate around. In addition to the amazing audio-visual element of the system, one of its main features being the messaging box where the tutor and the tutee can communicate before hand or during sessions, this feature holds many benefits, like the importing of question papers and task sheets that can also be done through the simple yet effective whiteboard section. Getting online resources saves the hassle of printing out sheets of paper that play a small but important role in environmental and financial issues, it further reinforces this idea of how online tutoring has higher efficiency levels than real life tutoring.

WYZFOX have created a versatile platform that is easily accessible to all within the comforts of your own home, furthermore, any inconveniences of booking time slots on certain days are easily sorted out through the fast responding help team that can organise your preferred times depending on your child’s school activities and extracurriculars.

Lee Elliot Major of the Sutton Trust said: “You are four times more likely to get a private tutor if you are in the top fifth of the income range, so we are worried about the gap outside the school gates. It’s also true that this escalation in families investing in children’s’ education is fueled by the most anxious generation of parents ever.” WYZFOX combats this worry that anxious parents may face by providing affordable tutoring. As the economy is struggling, prices are getting increasingly high, this makes us, as parents wonder, how our children’s education is going to affect this? WYZFOX approaches this with an affordable price that ranges from £8-£14 per hour in comparison to around £20-£30 for your average face to face tutoring session. This unique pricing model breaks the walls between the more privileged families to the working class families, as WYZFOX has the highest standard of tutors that provide not only high-class sessions, but it also create bonds between the tutors and the tutees, which helps to create a level of comfort that can be hard to find in a one to one private tutoring session.

To conclude, stabilizing our children’s futures is a crucial element to their childhood and WYZFOX wants to make sure that you get the best possible outcome when it comes to grueling conventions of education.

So will you take that step?

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