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1. Subscription payment

You agree to pay the agreed monthly subscription fee through direct debit or card payment once every 4 weeks. An active payment method should be maintained throughout the duration of receiving tutoring service from Wisefox

2. Cancellation policy

You may cancel the subscription anytime by giving 30 days notice. If you fail to take the lessons during the cancellation period, no refund shall be given for the missed classes.

3. Missing a lesson/ No-show.

It is your responsibility to attend lessons and be available on time. If you miss a lesson due to your unavailability, the class will be counted as given as the tutor has taken time to prepare for the class and was available for you.

4. Holiday class rearrangement policy

You can arrange classes if you are going on holiday by giving us a minimum of 30 days notice for such rearrangements. We will plan to accommodate the missed classes by giving extra lessons spread through other months, however, we cannot guarantee the same tutor for such classes and we may assign other tutors to compensate such missed lessons.

5. Short notice re-arrangement

You are allowed to re-arrange classes at a short notice for up to 3 times in an entire year. This can be discussed with your tutor. Any more than 3 occasions will be counted as missed lessons and the above clause 3 will be applicable in such cases.

6. Changing your tutor

If you wish to change your tutor, you may contact the admin through by indicating 'Request for changing my tutor' as the subject and giving reasons for such change request.

7. Changing subjects

If you wish to change your subject, or add another subject, you may contact the admin by indicating 'Request for changing/adding subject

8. Technical problems

If there is a technical issue with our Learning Management System (LMS) and classes are missed due to such problems, we will compensate for the lost class by giving another lesson within the same week or in the following weeks.

9. Complaints

If you have a complaint or concern about a Tutor, you may contact the admin by indicating 'Complaints' in the subject line and giving enough information for us to investigate and take appropriate actions regarding the complaint.