Flexible Schedule

Tutors are available when you require them, sessions can be booked to suit the needs of your child. Assessments can be posted to tutors at anytime using the online learning management system.

Personalised Teaching

The sessions are as individual as your child. Each tutor will complete a learning needs analysis for your child. From this they will develop a bespoke curriculum to deliver the teaching required. The tutor will take into account your child’s learning style to ensure that the sessions are as effective as possible. Our tutors will take the time to understand your child’s needs and learning style, developing a programme of teaching which will deliver the required goal. Throughout the process there will be milestones shown on the learning dashboard, motivating your child as they progress and allowing you to monitor progress.

Empowered Learning

The one to one nature of the sessions and the attention your tutor will pay to your child’s needs means that your child will be motivated and engaged with the learning. The content will be delivered at their pace and any issues or misunderstandings will be rectified immediately. The tutor will ensure that there is 100% engagement with the sessions to ensure that the target objectives are achieved and exceeded.

Online tutoring removes the distractions of the classroom. Your child can work in the safety and comfort of their home allowing them 100% attention to the subject. It allows them to develop to their true potential.

Adaptive Coaching

Unlike a busy classroom, your Wisefox tutor will be able to adapt their teaching directly to the needs of your child. Our tutors are encouraged to embrace a coaching approach allowing the student to flourish to the best of their ability.

The tutors will analyse your child's learning style and ensure they deliver the sessions to best engage with them.

Expert Assistance

The combination of video, audio and text chat associated with the shared whiteboard mean that your child can easily have the professional support they require. The shared whiteboard allows your child to work through exercises while receiving direct support and assistance from the tutor in real time.

The multiple methods for delivering content allows for greater engagement. The tutor will use the tools to ensure that the sessions are delivered as effectively as possible using different techniques to maintain interest and concentration.

Highly Affordable

Unlike face to face tutoring, online tutoring has considerably less overheads so we can pass the savings onto you. You get professional, one to one tuition from highly skilled teachers at a fraction of the cost of traditional tutoring.